SH .16 Side Exhaust Aircraft Engine

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MGF is proud to offer SH Aircraft Engines

SH Engines offer everything you’d expect in a powerful, high quality engine

  • -ABC Piston/Sleeve Technology
  • -Dual Ball Bearings
  • -Dual Needle Precision Carburetor
  • -Aluminum Case with Precision CNC Machining
  • -Properly Tempered Precision Crankshaft
  • -Glowplug Included
  • -Muffler Included

SH Engines has been in business for decades making helicopter engines as well as high performance racing engines and super reliable sport car engines for almost every major car maker around the world. These new aircraft engines are based on these learnings. Precision fit and finish result in easy break-in and superior longevity. You’ll notice they feel smooth brand new out of the box.

And every SH engine we sell is supported with parts and service. We know engines and know you need support. You can depend on SH and MGF for superior performance, value, and support.

SH .16 Glow Engine Specifications

  • Bore: 15.4mm
  • Stroke: 14mm
  • Displacement: 2.6cc
  • Weight w/Muffler: 230g
  • Glow Plug: SH R3
  • Fuel: Glow Fuel, Nitro content: 15-30% Nitro
  • Practical RPM? 2500 to 15000
  • Recommended Prop: 8x4
  • H.P. w/Rec prop: .5HP @ 15000rpm
  • Crankshaft: M5X0.8 pitch

Manual for SH .15 and .16 Size Glow Engines


SH 16 Engine Parts

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

2 reviews for SH .16 Side Exhaust Aircraft Engine

  1. Milt Sanders (verified owner)

    I purchased this engine in April of 2020 to power a scratch built .15 size Stik. I had an ASP .15 on that plane which flew it well, but would not idle below 5000 RPM. I needed something that would allow idle taxi and touch and go landings. This S&H .16, after running 2 tanks of 15% fuel through it, was the most easily adjusted engine that I think I have ever had. Due to my altitude, I only had to open the idle screw about 3/4 of a turn to get down to a steady 2200 RPM, which is pretty slow for any nitro engine. Using an 8x4 Master Airscrew prop, the top RPM was 15,400 which was quickly obtained from idle with no hesitation. I am very happy with this engine especially since I can hand start it with only a couple flips of the prop. I did adjust the idle from my transmitter to 2500 RPM which gave me a better feeling that it wouldn't stop on me. The cylinder head is larger than the crankcase, as in a heli or car engine, but works like a champ. I have only two items of critique: 1). the manual wants a break-in process of rich running around 7000 RPM, and highly suggests not exceeding 11000 RPM during flight any time. Since this is an ABC engine, this is not proper break-in. For an ABC engine, you need to get the piston/cylinder up to operating temperature fairly quickly too get proper mating. Run only slightly rich, and vary the RPM every couple minutes for ground break-in, then go fly it avoiding lean runs. My second problem was having the carburetor arm pointing up instead of down, like we do on most nitro installations in a plane. I don't know if that is needed for cars or helicopters to have the carb arm pointing up. I was able to slide off the rubber dust cover, loosen the nut holding the arm tight, slide the arm into the down position, tighten the nut back up, and get what I needed. I recommend this engine to anyone who likes decent running engines that are easy to adjust and have plenty of power when you want it. It flies my plane vary well and doesn't die in inverted spins.

  2. William Sidney (verified owner)

    Picked up an sh.16, same engine mount spacing as the Magnum 15. The muffler is not interchangeable, different bolt spacing and the exhaust stinger is smaller.

    Started the engine on the flight stand and spooled up to 17k almost immediately, on an 8x3 prop with 15% nitro. Peaking at 17,300 after 3 flights. Doesn't sag and has good power.

    NICE little ENGINE!

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