AMA Coalition-FAA Announces their Decisions/Rules. Info for you from the AMA

AMA Coalition to oppose the proposed FAA rules

Information Directly from the AMA Coalition Leadership:

Good Afternoon AMA Coalition,

Below you will find two separate links.

The first link is a PDF report that illustrates the accomplishments with the FAA, Congress, security agencies, and industry stakeholder to obtain letters of agreement for AMA club flying sites, to help share the FAA Remote ID Final Rule, and to create the upcoming recreational knowledge and safety test.

The 2nd link is a Power Point Presentation that presents the information regarding Remote ID in a very easy-to-read and logical presentation. The work shown within these two documents was accomplished with the help and support of all of you!


The AMA Coalition began as a collective voice for aviation associations, hobby shops, and manufacturers to address Congress and the FAA as one voice regarding Remote ID. This coalition, along with the 53,000 comments from the hobbyist community, helped shape a much less restrictive rule regarding remote ID.

While we can all be happy with what we have accomplished, our work is not done.  In fact, our next task has already been laid before us with FAA Reauthorization coming in 2023. This will likely be our next opportunity to work with Congress towards reducing the burdens our community faces and keeping in place the freedoms we all enjoy. This group and our collective voice will play a fundamental role to ensure our hobby will remain in place for generations to come.

I highly encourage you to share information about the AMA Coalition throughout your community. You can take a peek at all the Coalition members here:

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