Thunderbolt Standard Long Glow Plug – Universal Control Line and R/C plug Bin 220


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Mike Goes Flying is proud to re-introduce Thunderbolt Glow Plugs! A mainstay in the modeling community since the earliest days of Hobby Shack, Thunderbolt has returned to the hobby here at Mike Goes Flying, serving model airplane engine operators everywhere. Thunderbolt glow plugs use the highest quality proprietary alloys in a plug constructed with a patented stem-seal to maximize performance, reliability, and consistency in modern glow aircraft engines.

Thunderbolt Application and Heat Range Reference

R/C Long = Cold (great for Sport RC Aircraft engines and also used in some control line applications due to the idle bar)

Platinum No3 = Medium (Made specifically for aerobatic aircraft with 2 stroke engines that need improved mid-range perfromance)

Four Stroke = Medium (Made specifically for the conditions of 4 stroke engines where they fire every other stroke, which also means they work great in larger bore two and four stroke glow engines that are idling slowly, for example MOKI/Mark engines and the Larger Super Tigre engines)

Standard Long = Hot (Some control line engines and other two stroke engines such as KNB tend to do best on this plug)

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