Thunderbolt No. 3 Platinum Glow Plug – Improved throttle response Bin 216


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Mike Goes Flying is proud to re-introduce Thunderbolt Glow Plugs! A mainstay in the modeling community since the earliest days of Hobby Shack. Thunderbolt glow plugs use the highest quality proprietary alloys in a plug constructed with a patented stem-seal to maximize performance, reliability, and consistency in modern glow aircraft engines.

The No. 3 Platinum plug was developed for two stroke engines used in demanded aerobatic conditions where improved mid-range is needed.

Thunderbolt: Dependable since 1972

Thunderbolt Application and Heat Range Reference

R/C Long = Cold (great for Sport RC Aircraft engines and also used in some control line applications due to the idle bar)

Platinum No3 = Medium (Made specifically for aerobatic aircraft with 2 stroke engines that need improved mid-range perfromance)

Four Stroke = Medium (Made specifically for the conditions of 4 stroke engines where they fire every other stroke, which also means they work great in larger bore two and four stroke glow engines that are idling slowly, for example MOKI/Mark engines and the Larger Super Tigre engines)

Standard Long = Hot (Some control line engines and other two stroke engines such as KNB tend to do best on this plug)

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